The up and coming indie-alt band, is the talk of the town and fresh off a major tour in the UK. After hopping across the pond they are back in Seattle to headline a show at Seattle drum school. Teaming up with Unleashed Entertainment they have some fierce females joining the lineup in Mal Holladay and Robyn Froese. The night is centered around uplifting and empowering women in the arts and spotlights the amazing talent in the upper left scene. All these ladies will be playing in Vancouver, BC at the Portside Pub in Gastown Saturday night April 30th.

The night will be one to remember, a featured painter for the night LA Wiltbank is going to display her unique talents. TerraNobody is a dynamic band who have expertise in instrumentation and vocals. Ali and Brett are the two genuine individuals that comprise the band. Their level of dedication to their craft is evident in everything that they do. Serial entrepreneurs with the capacity to produce their own visual arts, they find themselves often hired out by other local acts for music videos and photoshoots. The duo is truly an original act with an amazing hustler’s mindset. Doors open at 7pm, be sure to attend this incredible night of music.

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