Meet Daniel S Turner, the Capacity Expander, a maverick with a passion for closing the gap on education and social issues. He brings forth knowledge, wisdom, and leadership, which he uses to inspire, motivate, counsel, teach and mentor others.

Daniel’s personal history of wayward teen years, including brushes with the law, drug abuse, and street violence, provides the fuel for his foundation and purpose in executing his role at the national and state level. He uses his background in Criminal Justice and business acumen to reunify disintegrated family relationships, mentor and tutor through statewide initiatives, work with Urban League, homeless ministries, and serve as a collegiate community liaison.

Born in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, Daniel’s challenging youth and life experiences, including brushes with the law, taught him to always choose his own way. His creative process comes from real-life situations with the need to assist those who are ensnared. His entire goal is to help others obtain FREEDOM in various areas, such as physical, mental, educational, financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

As a content creator, Daniel’s greatest achievement is determined by how many people he has helped achieve freedom in their lives. For instance, he has helped 325 people receive employment after being released from incarceration, helped 116 people sign up for affordable healthcare in three days, given away over 86 shoes to children in need, motivated over 54 youth directly, and helped over 65 small businesses create their formation.

Daniel’s inspiration comes from a couple of mentors who have inspired him over the years, such as Earl Nightengale, Jim Rohn, Bridget Gould, and Ron Donaldson. He hopes that people who listen to his content take away personal development achievements. His motto is, “It only takes a little EXTRA, to be EXTRAordinary.”

Daniel’s craft and artistry is journalism, which brings him the ability to graph or draw vivid pictures of the harsh realities in society on topics that are seldom spoken on. He creates small movies, clips, narratives, and depictions of true-life events to bring these realities to life.

As a motivator, Daniel wishes he could work with someone who has a platform to reach more people, as he wishes his programs, such as, a financial literacy program for the youth, and, a youth program, would go viral.

In conclusion, Daniel S Turner, the Capacity Expander, is a visionary, an influencer, and a change agent dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. Through his personal experiences, he has learned to overcome challenges, think creatively, and inspire others. His passion for personal development, mentoring, and empowering others is contagious, and he is a true testament to the fact that it only takes a little EXTRA to be EXTRAordinary.