Sofar is a performance organization that transforms everyday spaces – like a rooftop or art gallery – and turns them into captivating, intimate venues for secret, live music performances, creating an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. Each Sofar is small, and typically features three diverse acts, with no headliner.


The Seattle Drum School hosted a Sofar show last Thursday featuring local acts Terra Nobody, ABSTRCTN, and poet Jaamar Smiley. The location was undisclosed until 36 hours before the show, and when one arrived at Seattle Drum School, the intimate feeling truly arose. The theme was Black History Month, and Terra Nobody opened the night in dramatic fashion as they commanded the room with anthems fighting the patriarchy. As the lyrics if you believe in black girl magic left the lips of Terra Nobody’s lead, the room could feel an unparalleled power in her voice. 


Next the room-stopping poet Jaamar Smiley took the stage. He approached the microphone awkwardly, and then he began speaking and the room stopped. His poems of the black experience and fight for equality were groundbreaking, jaw dropping, gut wrenching, and soul shaking. African Americans and allies alike stood in awe as Jamaar concluded his “Breathe” poem. 


ABSTRCTN then took the stage in comedic fashion. Many of us had no idea where to go after Jamaar’s poems, but the ABSTRCTN duo certainly did. With some witty rapport, the act began singing their acoustic segment and once again, the room stopped. Their powerful vocals reminded one of Outkast, but with their own PNW spin. The act brought lively rap and mosh-worthy tracks to the acoustic stage, but did so in such a gentle fashion that the audience not only was okay with it, but they loved it. The duo concluded the night with a jam session, featuring all three acts freestyling and having the time of their lives in the name of black history. 


You can catch ABSTRCTN, Terra Nobody, and Jaamar Smiley around Seattle doing what they do best. Bringing pride to their city, creed, and color.

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