American-made artist Toska Nova is a rising star in the music industry. With a rebellious soul and a sound that draws inspiration from artists like Jelly Roll, Lecrae, Morgan Wallen, and Merkules, Nova is making waves with his soulful and authentic music.

Nova was adopted and raised in the church, but always felt like an outcast. Music became his grounding and his outlet, and he got his start in the industry interning for a Christian music company in Irvine, CA during high school. From there, he began booking shows in the Northwest and learning the business end of the music industry.

In 2022, Nova took the leap to take his music into his own hands and release it independently, giving it to God in the process. His creative process involves freestyling and allowing the energy exchange between souls to shape the music. He draws inspiration from independent artists in his community, as well as his own personal experiences.

His latest single, “Soul,” was created by meditating and asking his soul to speak, and then creating the cover art before sending it off to his producer and agents. Nova’s approach to live performances is all about connecting with his audience and reciprocating the love they’ve given him.

Despite the challenges and obstacles he’s faced in the industry, Nova has remained motivated and inspired through prayer, meditation, and speaking to people from different backgrounds. His advice for aspiring musicians is to keep a positive outlook, work hard, and know your worth.

As for the current state of the music industry, Nova sees it as being in a transitional phase, with everything going digital and the competitiveness between independents and majors alike. However, he remains optimistic and looks forward to seeing where the future takes the industry.

With his soulful sound and rebellious spirit, Toska Nova is an artist to watch in the music industry.







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