Author: Aon the Artist


Just a few hours ago, Washington’s Trevor Rixon released his newest single “Blow Me Kisses” on all platforms. This single is a follow up to his last single “I Can’t” which was so far has been his most viral song. This new track however comes with even more energy than the last and can easily be seen as his best track to date. 

Blow Me Kisses by Trevor Rixon, genre wise, comes with a cross-breed of punk rock mixed with sad hiphop vibes. The beginning of the song starts off with a soothing guitar mixed with a plethora of adlibs leading up to the singer’s pre chorus. 

Quality wise, the track is sonically solid. Being produced and recorded at Lost Boy Studios, you can tell Trevor and producer Reed aka Nftuation (one of the lead engineers) spent quality time making the record what it is. Don’t miss out by checking out the single on Spotify below:

“Blow Me Kisses” by Trevor Rixon