Caleb Brown of Unleashed Entertainment - Photo by Gourab Das
Caleb Brown of Unleashed Entertainment - Photo by Gourab Das

Caleb Brown Is Building Seattle’s Next Empire with Unleashed Entertainment

Seattle is known for their innovation and fortune five-hundred companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft. Controversial billionaire figures such as Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz still attain their status as Seattleites, and the city has one of the most booming tech industries in the world. The status of unethical billionaires is not the only source of innovation in the Emerald City, as Seattle boasts one of the largest entertainment industries in the nation.

Though the city has lacked a face to the music scene since the rise of Macklemore, the city is one of the most dominant in the world in the realms of Stand up comedy, fine arts, coffee and culinary art, photography, film, drag, fashion, and other entertainment fields. How could one forget the earthquake provoking 12th Man at Seattle Seahawks games, that makes its way to the Mariners, Kraken, and Storm stadiums as well. Regardless if Seattle has an international music scene or not, the city is one of the most entertaining on the planet. With the brand new Climate Pledge Arena, the 2023 MLB All Star Game, and new headquarters popping up left and right, the city’s innovation is par to none.


Caleb Brown is set to be Seattle’s next innovator in the entertainment industry. Once known as a Christian rapper by the name of ‘C2B’ , Caleb Brown has found his niche in the music business as an artist manager. After “retiring” from music in 2021, Brown took an 8 month hiatus from the music business. However as he hiked, snowshoed, traveled, and studied…he found one thing constantly on his mind: the music industry. While many may have thought he was living his life in an ordinary 9-5 job, the young entrepreneur told 365 that he was studying the music business the entire 8 months he was in “retirement”. Launching his business in January 2022, in just six months Unleashed Entertainment has established itself as one of, if not the largest management agencies in Seattle.

Caleb Brown and David July of Unleashed Entertainment
Caleb Brown and his first signed artist David July – Photo by James Gerde

Unleashed is a Seattle based management agency, dedicated to crafting artists with unmatched potential. Though Seattle based, Unleashed offers services to clients worldwide, currently serving artists in three countries, two continents, and over a dozen cities. Beyond a management agency, Unleashed also throws tremendous live events. The Fierce Females Showcase took place in Seattle in late April, featuring Robyn Froese, Mal Holladay, and Terra Nobody, and a full immersive art exhibit from LA Wiltbank. David July’s sold out headline took place on quite literally the top of downtown Vancouver, with a sold out crowd and the rappers ‘Want it All’ aesthetic featured throughout the building. South African singer Dara Jazzlyn’s West Coast Tour will take place in July presented by Unleashed, as well as Unleashed Mariners Networking Nights all summer long at T Mobile Park.

Robyn Froese at the Unleashed Fierce Females Showcase with Art and Clothing by LA Wiltbank- Photo by James Gerde

In an exclusive interview, we asked Caleb what’s next in his journey, and he replied with a two word description of a massive concept: An Empire. He stated his goals of launching an Unleashed Headquarters that doubles as a venue, studio, and office space for creatives, as well as his quarterly, yearly, 2, 3, 5, and 10 year goals (we were impressed he knew them off the top of his head). In five years Caleb is manifesting his way onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and buying property with Unleashed. In ten years, Caleb hopes to achieve his other childhood dream of becoming a Stanley Cup Champion, not as a player, but as an owner. “I want Unleashed Entertainment on the Cup” he claimed.

“But more than that, I want to see my artists achieve everything they ever wanted. David and Esteelo are the face of this company, and at the end of the day, my dream is to make their dreams come true.”

You can catch Caleb at his signature Mariners Networking Nights all summer long, and around the continent at various networking events, or follow him and Unleashed on Instagram below.