Apollo King 47, born in Mexico, is a talented rap artist who has had a passion for creating since he was as young as eleven years old. With a very supportive family, Apollo King 47 pursued music at full throttle at a very young age. His music powerfully hits the soul, with his raps and rhymes set over soulful hip-hop beats. Music has always been more than a career for Apollo King 47 it’s a form of therapy and a way to destress for him. The rapper’s career shows no signs of slowing anytime soon as he has been working with some legends you may already know, such as “MC Magic” among others. The young star has made it his goal to provide his fans with amazing music and content. With his hard work and dedication to music, he will undoubtedly reach higher peaks in the Hip Hop world. Apollo King 47 is certainly on the rise as he strives to be one of the most well-known artists worldwide.