Zai Johnson is the newest artist out of Reno, Nevada, and is making waves in the music industry as an engineer, producer, and owner of We Livin LLC. With a passion for music and a goal to spread the right messages to the youth and future generations, Zai Johnson is on a mission to make a difference.

Zai Johnson’s music career began four years ago during a low point in his life. He found that music helped him find purpose and enlightenment, and he has been passionate about it ever since. Zai’s goal is to develop and sign artists to his record label and spread the right messages to the youth. He also aims to win multiple Grammy awards in various artist categories and earn the RIAA certificate of diamond as a solo artist and producer.

Despite his achievements, Zai has had to overcome doubt and doubters to get where he is today. He believes that small minds try to suppress dreams, but the power of belief is stronger than doubt. He advises aspiring artists to believe in themselves, as no outside force can stop them once they do.

Zai is grateful for his achievements and his support system. He is thankful to God for everyday living, his mom for working hard her whole life to protect and provide, and his brother Chris, who passed away but was always a genuine supporter. The phrase “We Livin” is special to Zai, as it was said by his brother Chris the last time they were together. Zai feels his energy, support, and push from the other side.

In addition to his music career, Zai has some interesting fun facts. He has an associate’s degree in nuclear technology, plays the piano and guitar, enjoys boxing as a hobby, and was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and track. He also likes to travel, which adds to his diverse experiences and inspiration for his music.

Zai Johnson is an inspiration to many aspiring artists, and his passion for music and making a difference is admirable. His commitment to spreading the right messages to the youth and future generations is commendable, and his achievements speak to his hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing Zai Johnson’s continued success and growth in the music industry.

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