Making a name for himself in the industry, artist and producer DJ CriszMars continues to wow his audience with new releases that are set to sizzle in the summer and be pool party staples. His latest track, “AWAVEE” continues to dazzle his audience, and is sure to be on repeat for the near future.

Always one up for a challenge, DJ CriszMars knows that nothing in this industry happens overnight, and he’s not going to wait for a miracle to get what he deserves. He’s a powerhouse artist who won’t back down with just a little challenge in his way. His hard work and determination are what really set him apart from the rest, and he showcases his innate talents in any way that he can–whether through social media, live sets, or dropping new releases.

Throughout the rest of 2022, DJ CriszMars will continue to put time in the studio to perfect his craft, connect with fans on social media, and release new tracks that his audience is going to love. One thing’s for sure, DJ CriszMars will continue to dominate the space and make his name known throughout the industry.

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