Andrew Shelstad

Andrew Shelstad has made a name for himself in the music world with his single “Coming Home.” Nobody knew who he was, let alone enjoyed his music because he was a rookie to the industry. On the other hand, Andrew Shelstad is determined to reverse that perception with the publication of “Coming Home” and get people to recognize him for what he actually is capable of.

“Coming Home” draws its name from its modern take on house music. It allows listeners to perceive the genre for what it can be. There are far too many musicians that produce popular music by following the audience. While there is nothing wrong with this, Andrew Shelstad feels that people should approach music with greater maturity. He had that purpose in mind when he created “Coming Home.”

Andrew Shelstad enlisted the assistance of Rumor Records to guarantee that “Coming Home” lived up to its full potential. They have always valued input and recognized artists’ need for creative independence. One of the reasons “Coming Home” has done so well is because of this.

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You may listen to Andrew Shelstad’s new track “Coming Home” here: