LXIV 64 just released a song called My Angel featuring Salameh. Currently, he is working on his EP “With Love XO” and his single “Shadows” featuring Siilawy. 

But did you know that LXIV 64 owns the label LXIV Entertainment LLC?

This label produces, distributes for, markets, and manages musicians from conflict zones and harsh living conditions. 

The label has played a significant role in cultivating hidden talents and bringing to the surface quality talent that would otherwise be forgotten. 

The greatest mission is to identify and provide their artist with the tools that can enable them to share their talent with the world. 

Therefore if you lack a voice and wish to achieve your music goals, then LXIV 64 would be the best person to go to. 

You can also listen to his hit single “Snow White”, which has gained the ears of over 3 million people since its release on January 9, 2020. His other music include; My Angel, “Shadows”, which is set to launch next month.