Kev Cartier is an American rapper, songwriter and producer who is Brooklyn born and southern raised. This 26-year-old Brownsville native is the lyrical mastermind behind the catchy club banger, “Rollie” released in 2015.

Coming from a family with deep roots in the music business, Kev was practically born for this. He’s represented by his father and three uncles who have been in the industry for 20+years, producing tracks for the likes of Brooklyn greats, The Notorious B.I.G, Lil’ Kim and Rakim.

For Kev, while music is in his blood, the artistry of rap didn’t take hold until the early age of twelve. He attributes the influences of BET and Hot 97 to his induction into the game after hearing Jay Z’s verse on Mya’s “Best of Me” Remix. From then on he would rap over instrumentals, write, produce and freestyle.

Kev’s inborn talent would quickly become noticed.

His single “Sauce” released in 2018 is just one of many examples of his consistent growth and artist development. Since it’s release, Sauce has reached over 100,000 YouTube views internationally.

Kev’s evolution as an artist has elevated his sound with new innovative melodies and eclectic vibes. His latest single and music video release is an afrobeat interpretation called “Bomb” and has been featured on popular New York City based radio station Power 105.1.

Kev Cartier’s buzz is building as an emerging authentic voice of an underrepresented generation. “Rollie” and “Bomb” have since been featured on Power 105, Hot 97, SiriusXm and Spotify. All his music is currently available for purchase on iTunes.


YouTube: YouTube.Com/KevCartier

Instagram: @KevCartier


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